I received my 20165 Humidor the other day and have seasoned it and stored my cigars in it. Just wanted to say that the humidor appears FLAWLESS as described to me by you. The deal was exceptional, the quality is exceptional and your customer service was phenomenal . I thank you again for all of your help, time and expertise in helping me select a humidor that fit my needs and I look forward to working with you in the future. 
Thank you again,
Pfc. Jeremy Duncan
Howard County Police
Traffic Enforcement Section


Thanks. Worked like a charm. What a well-mounted device! Prior experiences with other humidors always found the hygrometer mounts (typically velcro) pretty unreliable. This is as well done as the rest of the humidor. 

By the way, I’ve owned several top-end humidor brands. None of them comes close to the Daniel Marshall. Some were as sturdy and with a decent seal, but never with the seal that this one provides. As you know, California has really low humidity. But I find myself having to add water so infrequently I used to think something was wrong. Other humidors kept me adding water all the time. Your product’s seal is so good that you don’t simply get the desired “whoosh” when you close it, you even feel a suction when you open it. 

My son, who just started this own line of cigars, purchased this for me last year as a gift. His words to me came true— “I know you like your other humidors. They’re good. This one is the best. Period. More expensive, yes. But as soon as you start using it you will see the difference.”

He was correct. It doesn’t hurt that it is beautiful. 

Thanks for a great product.


I got the humidor today.
It looks fantastic; I can’t even find the defect after examining it for 15 minutes (nor do I want to discover it).
I appreciate your help throughout this process, and I will be recommending you guys based on my experience (which was great).
Thanks again – I am very pleased. 

Joseph Shafik


I sent in a nomination for the Ambiente humidor.

My comments were:

Excellent in keeping a consistent humidity range. Does not fluctuate during
different seasons. Keeping your cigars in the correct moisture level is easiest
with a Daniel Marshall Ambiente humidor. The different styles allow you to have
a humidor that looks as great as it works. Best value on the market. Nothing

I have bought several humidors from you. I recommend anyone who is
looking to get one from you. Hope you win.


I received my humidor on Tuesday and everything is in excellent condition.  I also received the 5 cigars, thank you.  Your help was excellent and I am extremely pleased by the quality of my humidor and the customer service I received.
Hi Diane,
I received the humidor for my husband today and it was so beautiful I couldn’t wait until his birthday to give it to him! I couldn’t find a single blemish. He is in love with it and the cigars you sent us. He wanted me to ask where he can purchase more. Thank you for all of your help!
Hi Diane,
Well, after three days of missed deliveries I eventually received my humidor today and I LOVE it……. THANK YOU!!!
The quality is absolutely first class and even under close scrutiny I still can’t see why it failed quality control and in my eyes it’s perfect!
Thank you again for all your help Diane, it really is very much appreciated.
Very best wishes,
My Humidor arrived a few days ago and although I did find the very slight blemish that made this a “Private Stock Sale” unit, it took me quite a while. The Burl top of the humidor is so unusual that it took me several days of staring at it before I realized just how much I love it.  I did not think that there was any wood of this caliber left on our planet. I will enjoy the beauty, craftsmanship and functionality of this humidor for the rest of my days on earth (perhaps beyond). The box is seasoning now and I am looking forward to placing my precious smokes in it.
Thank You very much,
Andrew B.
P.S. Thanks for the smokes
I was out of town when the humidors arrived and had my first chance this evening to see them. They are everything you said they would be. They’re beautiful. I couldn’t be more pleased. I will use them well and respectfully.  I look forward to enjoying the cigars.  
Thank you
 My humidor arrived this morning. It is absolutely perfect, it is beyond what I had expected. It is very rare these days that a company not only has a superior product but also superior service. Diane, I appreciate your help in selecting a great humidor. I’m looking forward to enjoying the Daniel Marshal cigars.
Thanks Again,

It arrived in great condition, it is set up in my den, I know it will get a lot of use. It is a magnificent box. 

Thank You, Diane

The Humidor arrived and it is fantastic!
I just wanted to thank both of you for all of
your help & assistance.
Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season & Happy New Year.

Hello Diane, 
I just wanted to let you know I received the Ebony Macassar humidor from the private stock collection the other day and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! 
I cannot wait to give it to him for Christmas! He is going love it! 
Thank you again for all of your help. 

Hi Diane,
I wanted to write and tell you thank for all of your help last week.   The humidor is absolutely stunning, and  I’m so happy with the choice of the size and the burl wood.   My husband is so pleased, as well.   Also, I cannot find a flaw in sight!  
I really appreciate your extra efforts.  I hope all is well with you.  Take care, and many blessings.


Hi Diane, I had Christmas today, I got my humidor, packed very securely, in a double box. Safe and sound.. The Flaw that caused this humidor to be discounted was horrible…, I mean horribly hard to find..your quality control measures are obviously very strict, I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. Anyway, enough of my attempt at humor, thank you very much for your personalized service, and for the very nice bonus gift of some Daniel Marshall Cigars, (sitting on the porch, watching the sunset, smoking one now) Tasty…             

Best regards, Captain Doug Ramey


Just received my Treasure Chest humidor.  It looks GREAT!  It took me awhile to find the very minor blemish that would make it a private stock sale.  Besides the great looking humidor, the packaging and shipment was outstanding too.  It arrived un-damaged to my overseas location because of the meticulous care your staff used to prep and ship it to my location.  It will definitely be a show piece in my home.  You have been a true professional with excellent customer service, thank you for all your help and I’m going to enjoy my Daniel Marshall humidor for years to come. 

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